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Sun/Age Spot Removal Milton Keynes, Bedford, Northampton

Sun/age spots are flat, brown, grey or black spots in the skin.  They usually occur on areas that have been exposed to the sun. They are also called liver spots, senile lentigines, or solar lentigines. The Accurett treats sun/age spots successfully in one treatment using a high pressure micro fine jet of cryogen with millimeter accuracy.  Liquid CO2 freezes the water in the cell forcing the cell to expand destroying the cell membrane. The treatment takes seconds to complete and causes very little discomfort with amazing results in just one go.

The Results

After approximately 2 weeks of healing time, the sun/ages spots will have disappeared, leaving new blemish free skin. Your skin will be completely healed within 1-2 months.

The Aftercare

It’s simple, keep it dry and use a high SPF once it is healed.

What they say

“I am absolutely overjoyed and amazed!”
“When I saw the difference between the before and after photographs, I was astonished”
“Results are fantastic with just a slight stinging during procedure.   Would definitely recommend the treatment”
“Brilliant results, only a slight sensation during treatment.  Cannot recommend highly enough.  Well worth having”

Some considerations when booking your treatment


Treatment £80

£5 for every spot after that providing they are done in the same appointment  - this price will also include a new generation of protection day cream SPF50 - It provides a base for makeup and offers a complete UVA and UVB protection. It is also boosted in Vitamin E to provide an additional free radical protection.